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South India is the land of rich cultural heritage known for its splendid temples and other architectural marvels. This region of India is dotted with magnificent temples reflecting the cultural glory and architectural excellence of yesteryears.

Temples of South India is a testimonial of the excellent Dravidian culture and repository of art and culture that evolved over several centuries. Most of South India Temples were built by the medieval rulers like Pallavas, Cholas, Chalukyas and Vijayanagar Empire.

Temples in Karnataka

Karnataka has a long list of magnificent temples renowned across the globe for its stupendous design in Dravidian style. The architecture of these temples is outstanding which withstood the test of time. Temples of this region are characterized by the star shaped platform as the base of the temple. Intricate sculptures, rock-cut design, marvelous structure makes these temples a grandiose one which enthralls tourists. Some of the popular temples of this region are Iskcon at Bangalore, Chennakesava at Hassan, Virupaksha and Hemakuta at Hampi and Cave and Jain at Badami.

Temples in Tamil Nadu:

The state of Tamil Nadu is the home of beautiful and architecturally adorned temples. These temples are built over vast period of time by various dynasties, which preserve the rich Dravidian cultural legacy of the state. Most of the ancient temples were built of brick and mortar. The unique features of Tamil Nadu temples are gopurams, huge gateways, pillared hallways and a sanctum sactorum. Some of the world renowned temples of this state are Meenakshi, Rameshwaram, Sarangapani, Kanyakumari Amman, Kapileshwar, Shore and many more.

Temples in Kerala:  

Kerala the land of serene and scenic natural beauty is also famous for its richly decorated temples. The unique feature of Kerala Temple is its structure, rituals, customs, offerings and traditions, which are different from other temples of South India. Scores of visitors prefer Kerala Temple Tour so that they can experience a spiritual, cultural and architectural glory of this place. Some of the popular temples in Kerala are Sri Padmanabhaswamy, Attukal, Pazhaya Sreekanteswaram and Kovilvila Bhagavati.


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Temples of South India is the highly revered for its architecturally marvelous structures, which showcase the rich Dravidian culture. Scores of tourists prefer South India Temples tour so that experience affluence of South India culture.


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South India Temples

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