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Diwali 2010 is due on November 5 this year. There is a lot of excitement among Indians about the festival. Everyone is busy preparing for the festival. The most exciting thing for me is Diwali sweets, specially the most delicious Kaju sweets that appear in the market only on this occasion. The festival also has a trend of exchanging Diwali gifts and Diwali sweets with friends and relations. Sweets are distributed to employees, business associates and even customers in order to sweeten relations. This trend is so deeply rooted in Indian culture that even non resident Indians feel proud to perform the ritual. No matter where they are in the world, they send Diwali sweets to India for their contacts here.


I was surprised to receive a box of Kaju sweets from Canada last year. The gift pack contained two Diyas and a beautiful greeting card for Diwali. It was from Rajeev, my best friend who is in Canada on an expatriate assignment. But the gift was looking as if it has been prepared in India only. The sweets, the design, the flavour everything was so much Indian that I had got every reason to believe that Rajeev has returned to India. I couldn't believe that he had come back and hadn't called me yet. I immediately called his home number and learnt that I was wrong. Rajiv had not returned yet. Then how could he send Kaju sweets on Diwali when I know these special Indian sweets for Diwali are not available in Canada.


The fog evaporated when I called Rajeev to tell him that I had got the gift. Rajiv told me that he had used an Indian online gift portal for sending Kaju sweets on Diwali. These gift shops are offering a wide variety of Indian sweets for Diwali. He had sent different Diwali sweets to all his friends and family members spread across India, straight from his office in Canada. He had sent me Kaju sweets on Diwali because he knew I love Kaju sweets very much. Rajiv informed me how many things these online gift portals from India are offering such as Diwali gifts, Diyas and candles, Torans and wall hangings, cakes, sweets, flowers and what not. These online stores have made life much easier for international Indians by helping them convey their special sentiments on all the festive occasions to India.


I am awaiting my Kaju sweets box this year. It gives a really great pleasure to receive Diwali sweets from friends, specially when they are far away in foreign countries. If you are living out of India and want to greet your friend or family member in India with special Indian sweets for Diwali, do it now.

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Sophia Paul has 4315 articles online and 3 fans is making special plans to send Diwali Gifts to india. This is the festival that brings all friends and family together. We offer a wide collection of Indian sweets for Diwali that you can send to India. If you have friends in India, send Kaju Sweets on Diwali, or choose from our collection of Diwali sweets.

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Send Special Kaju Sweets to India

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This article was published on 2010/10/07