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People from all over the world are opting India as the prime destination for Surrogacy process. It is widely accepted fact that India can provide world class fertility treatments with unexceptional quality in medical surrogacy services . Surrogacy in India is cost effective, with abundant pool of surrogate mothers who are well screened before in advance for safer and healthy surrogacy procedure. Moreover in Mumbai, we have dedicated clinics for surrogacy with top notch doctors and medical professionals who are well experienced in providing surrogate mothers for intended couples from within India or abroad.

Surrogacy is a process where a woman carries a baby of another woman in her womb till the full term of pregnancy and gives birth to a baby for the intended couple. Surrogate means substitution, and a method of assisted reproduction. Generally Surrogacy is a procedure for couples, who cannot deliver their own child due to various medical reasons like infertility status of woman, repeated miscarriages, absence of uterus and few medical problems like Blood Sugar, High BP, heart and Kidney disorders.

Surrogacy in Mumbai is famous all over the world, as the Indian doctors are experienced and qualified from the best medical schools in USA and UK. Most of the clinics in Mumbai, India are well equipped with sophisticated technology required for processing surrogacy procedures. The reason why people choose India as their destination for surrogacy is to the cost factor, high end medical aid and the hospitality of the people here.

There are many fertility centres situated in most of the metropolitan cities of India, but Mumbai is the prime location where the availability of surrogate mothers is in demand. They follow all the set regulations and standards in the process of surrogacy. There is a wide scope for surrogacy process in India with more number of IVF clinics coming into existence and people accepting the need and cause of being surrogate mothers. Few surrogates choose surrogacy for revenue generation to overcome their troubles and lead a better life. The success rate of surrogacy in India is high when compared to the others parts of the world.

Indian Couples are fertile in nature and care to the cause of giving parenthood to infertile parents. Their generosity and hospitality proves to be efficient factor for many Western infertile couples choosing Mumbai for surrogacy. Medical Tourism in India also supports the cause.

In Surrogacy, we have four types that are applicable in India like Gestational Surrogacy, Gestational Surrogacy & Egg Donation, Gestational Surrogacy & Donor Sperm and Gestational Surrogacy & Donor Embryo. In Gestational Surrogacy, the intended couple's embryo is created through medical process in an IVF lab. The embryo developed is inserted into the surrogate mother uterus which she carries to the full term and delivers the baby to the couple. In this case the intended couple are genetically related to the new born but not the surrogate mother. In Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation is a process of surrogacy where the intended mother is unable to produce eggs due to medical reasons, Surrogate mother carries an embryo created from donor egg an intended father's sperm processed medically in an IVF clinic. Both intended mother and surrogate mother are not genetically related to baby, only intended father is genetically related. Gestational Surrogacy & Donor Sperm is where the intended father is unable to produce sperm for any medical reasons. Surrogate mother carries an embryo created from intended mother's egg and donor sperm processed in the IVF clinic. In this case both surrogate mother and intended father are not genetically related to the baby, only intended mother is biologically connected to new born. Gestational Surrogacy & Donor Embryo is where both the intended parents are not medically fit to produce sperm and egg. Surrogate mother carries a donor embryo to full term and delivers baby. Nobody is genetically connected to the new born.

Mumbai has many famous fertility clinics that are worldwide recognised for providing best surrogacy services to the most of the intended couples.

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Best surrogacy agencies in Mumbai

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